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Jakarta Biennale is a continous reading on the development of the idea of the city.

The city is seen as a dynamic and complex area moving along with the current local and global change. Departing from that notion, the biennale event is a platform in amplifies and extends the observation of socio-cultural phenomena within the scope of a specific time and space. In the contemporary context, biennale plays important role to challenge and to read the latest artistic tendencies in relation to the development of social issues, politics, and culture in Indonesia and internationally. Since 2009, Jakarta Biennale with the theme ARENA (2009), The Maximum City (2011), and SIASAT (2013), began to see the city as the site of the battle the elements and interests. The fight various value systems, which of course within a certain period will continue to change, a notion that is formed of a long history and process.


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