Beyond Image and Memory

Bunga Rampai Tulisan Seni Rupa 1968–2017 Bambang Bujono

Beyond Image and Memory

A Potpourri of Art (1968-2017)


Bambang Bujono


This book is a potpourri of artistic writings written by Bambang Bujono. He is known as Bambu and is the most productive art writer with the longest dedication period in Indonesia. Since 1968, he has written, at least, 419 writings including reviews, essays, art articles in mass media, books, catalogues, and also papers for discussion and workshop. This book includes his writings from 1968-2017, consisting of his 101 writings for five chapters, containing 38 pictures of artworks, artists and the atmosphere of exhibition. Through this book, we would be brought back to various events of art in Jakarta for four decades ago. It would bring us to take closer look into the phenomena of galleries growth, the role of collector, collections’ condition, to fake paintings. We could see them all again through this critic’s thought who always writes straightforwardly, no jargons, a little witty, yet with a strong description. This book is a valuable contribution for art development in Indonesia.


Editor : Ardi Yunanto
Introductory Essay : Hendro Wiyanto
Research and Archive : Berto Tukan
Language Editor : Ninus D. Andarnuswari
Design : Andang Kelana
Published by Yayasan Jakarta Biennale
First Edition, November 2017
xxxii + 576 pgs; 13,8 x 20,3 cm