MSJ (Museum Sejarah Jakarta)

Jl. Taman Fatahillah, No.1 Jakarta Barat, 11110
Open Tuesday – Sunday, 09.00 – 17.00  WIB

Jakarta History Museum began as Old Batavia Museum (old Batavia, in Dutch oud Batavia) that was inaugurated in 1939, where the building becomes The Puppet Museum now. After the independence of Indonesia, this museum turned into Old Djakarta Museum, under Indonesia Cultural Institution. Afterwards, the institutions granted the authority to The Local Government of Jakarta in 1968, that now it becomes Jakarta History Museum. This museum has been popular among the public as “Museum Fathahillah”, since it took a place in Fatahillah field. Back before 1939, it was known as Stadhuis (means town hall), since the building was the central administration of United East Indies Company (VOC). Then it became the central administration of Dutch Government. The third version of Town Hall building was designed in simple patterned yet still combined with a classic touch from Baroque. This is the oldest building that still stands in perfect condition since colonial until now.