Museum Seni Rupa & Keramik

Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics

MSRK (Museum Seni Rupa & Keramik)

Jl. Pos Kota, No. 2 Jakarta Barat, 11110
Open Tuesday – Sunday, 09.00 – 17.00  WIB

The Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics was first inaugurated as Raad van Justitie Binnen Het Casteel Batavia or the Dutch court office on 12 January 1870 by Governor-General Jan Piter Miyer; the architect of the building was Hoofd Ingenier or Chief Engineer Jhe W.H.F.H Van Raders. Later in the period of physical revolution, this courthouse was used by the KNIL soldiers as NMM (Nederlandsche Mission Military) dormitory, until the Japanese occupation period was also used as military dormitory. during the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia this building was handed over to the TNI and used as a logistics warehouse. Later in 1970 until 1973 it was used as the office of West Jakarta Mayor and in 1974, it was renovated as Office of Museum and history of DKI Jakarta. Based on the idea of ​​Vice President Adam Malik, on August 20, 1976, President Suharto inaugurated this building as a Fine Art Center; finally on June 10, 1977, on the wing of the building was inaugurated by the Governor of DKI Jakarta, Ali Sadikin used as the Museum of Ceramics. then in the early 1990s the Fine Art Hall was merged with the Museum of Ceramics into the Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics.